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CoV-19 PROgress:
Platform for COVID-19 symptom monitoring starts regular operation

Berlin, 20. April 2020

As of today, a new digital platform from heartbeat medical is available for COVID-19 symptom recording, monitoring and clinical management. First clinics and health authorities implemented the new system called CoV-19 PROgress, which allows patients to report their health status daily and from home. Through the digital administration and evaluation of individual health statuses, hospitals can recognise critical changes, use resources in a targeted manner and reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff.

Patient protection through digital COVID-19 symptom tracking

Based on an accessible questionnaire, the symptoms of the patients or suspected COVID-19 cases are queried daily and a digital health record is created. This effort is conducted via email, ensuring that patients remain in their homes, reducing the risk of infection spread. Remote symptom tracking via CoV-19 PROgress also permits more time for patients to reflect on their current health compared to that of currently over-stretched hospital environments. Patient data is evaluated according to medical thresholds and changes in health parameters are displayed to the treating physician.

Relief for heavily stretched clinics

The automation and digitalisation of symptom retrieval will reduce the workload of hospital staff and create capacity for the treatment of acute emergencies. Thanks to an intuitive display of patient data, physicians can rapidly identify critical advanced symptoms and initiate prompt treatment if needed.

Leading technology made in Germany and the UK

The platform was developed by the Berlin and London-based start-up Heartbeat Medical in accordance with high security and data protection standards. The platform has already proven itself throughout many years in everyday clinical practice. The patient surveys were developed in close cooperation with leading university hospitals and are continuously refined based on the latest findings on the symptom development of COVID-19.

CoV-19 PROgress symptom tracking and remote monitoring by Heartbeat Medical.

For each patient, the treating physician receives an overview of the symptom changes. Important single symptoms are displayed in an isolated manner and the history of the monitoring can be viewed in complete detail.

Heartbeat Medical is a leader in the European market for Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and the digitalisation of clinical processes with offices in Berlin, Cologne and London. The digital platform for patient surveys and evaluation is used by leading clinics and has already accompanied more than 100,000 patients through their treatment.

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