Improve care delivery across your hospital

Our GDPR-compliant digital outcome measurement platform enables you to enhance clinical practice in real-time and create an overview of care quality across your organization.
  • Extensive library of outcome sets
  • Automated outcome collection
  • Smart outcomes dashboards
  • Interoperability with major EHRs

Focus on what matters the most to patients

heartbeat ONE automates treatment outcome collection whilst ensuring the highest clinical validity of the data collected.

Survey results are available in real-time via an intuitive interface to improve treatments immediately and generate insights on overall care quality.

Turn insights into action

Get a clear picture of treatment impact at the patient, departmental and hospital level in a single platform.


Intuitive web-based patient and clinician interfaces to ensure high engagement and response rates.


Bi-directional API available for major EHR systems to integrate with your hospital systems.


Smart Outcome Dashboards to monitor treatment outcomes in real-time


Structured export module to enable advanced analytics


Implement a CE-marked outcome measurement tool across your hospital departments to deliver care services that truly meet patients’ expectations, quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Because we know that no team is the same, we offer cost-effective, scalable options to meet your clinical, technical, and information governance needs.
  • Project & Go-Live support
  • SaaS or On-Premise installation
  • Multiple options for integration with your EHR system
  • Modular outcome sets
  • Helpdesk

Measure outcomes. Deliver impact.

Leverage the experience of our medical science team and select from our extensive library of disease-specific and generic quality of life measurements.

We work across a broad range of medical specialities. Contact us if you work in a different field and require further information.


Monitoring quality of life and treatment effects to increase overall wellbeing.


Post-surgical monitoring to detect complications and take action rapidly.

Mental Health

Monitor quality of life and adjust the treatment of patients to increase adherence.

Spine Care

Evaluate treatment effect and recovery of patients with spine conditions.


Assess the impact on the quality of life of acute cardiac events and monitor the treatment of chronic conditions.

Other Areas

We work across a broad range of medical specialities.

Frequently asked questions

Need something that is not on this FAQ?

Our team will be happy to help, feel free to contact us directly.

Where is the data stored?

Data can be stored locally (On-Premises) or on our dedicated servers (SaaS). For our SaaS solution, we currently work with two GDPR-compliant, certified data centers in Germany and Switzerland. Please inquire about additional hosting options in different locations.

  • Germany: the data center is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and additionally audited by TÜV Saarland.

  • Switzerland: the data center is ISO 5001 and ISO 27001 certified and additionally audited by Adsigo AG.

Who has access to the patient data?

Any identifiable patient data can only be accessed by designated individuals on the client’s side using a personal login and password. The patient data is stored securely; using 256 bit AES encryption.

For registries, clinical studies or further scientific evaluations an optional, separate consent needs to be provided by both the healthcare organization and the patient to share pseudonymized data with a third party including Heartbeat Medical. Our platform offers a GDPR compliant digital consent module for this purpose. 

Do I need a license to use the PROM questionnaires?

Some questionnaires may require a license or authorization from the developer to be implemented by your organization. Heartbeat can provide advice on cost-effective solutions and will support you obtaining the required authorization. The license holder is the client who is responsible for ensuring the payment of any license fee incurred.

When can I start collecting my PRO data?

Your data collection can start as early as 90 days after signing provided all information governance and IT authorizations are in place.

What languages does heartbeat ONE support?

Our interface supports multi-language implementation and is currently available in German, English and French. PRO questionnaires can be implemented in any language provided a validated translation exists. Please feel free to inquire about further language options.

What is the price of Heartbeat.PROcare?

Our pricing depends on several parameters and is a combination of fixed, one-off installation costs and an annual license. Please contact our team to discuss your project in more detail and obtain an accurate quote.