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Heartbeat Medical is a leading digital health company in Europe providing a platform for the collection and analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) and generation of Real-World Evidence (RWE).

Founded in 2014, our team currently works from Berlin and London with over 200 hospitals, medical registries and research projects to monitor the treatment outcomes of patients affected by a broad range of conditions.

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Moritz Neubauer
Communications and Marketing

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With our trusted digital platform, we make the collection, usage and reimbursement of patient-reported treatment outcomes simple and sustainable and enable decision-makers to generate unique insights on how treatments affect patients’ quality of life.

From the day to day clinical practice to market approvals, we enable healthcare providers, payers, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies to deliver products and care services that truly meet patients’ expectations, quality standards and regulatory requirements.

So far, we have supported the treatment of more than 350,000 patients, provided the technology platform for leading research projects and generated evidence for the evaluation of new drugs in regulatory procedures

Solutions by Heartbeat Medical are used by clinical professionals, researchers and health insurances across Europe.
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