Assessing the impact of disease and treatment on health-related quality of life is increasingly recognized as an essential step to support care planning.

PROMs have been playing a central role in the field of orthopedics, for both research and clinical care.

Innovative projects are now demonstrating the potential for PROMs to be used at a larger scale to enhance orthopedic care pathways.

Tracking outcomes, delivering value

PROMoting Quality is a collaborative research project
that brings together leading German healthcare organizations, insurers, health economists, and heartbeat medical as the technology provider.

The goal of PROMoting Quality is to investigate the use of PROMs for cost-effectiveness and the early detection of post-surgical complications following hip or knee replacements. In addition, the benefits of PROMs for improving patient care will be explored.

Featured research

Learn more about how PROMs can enhance disease and treatment monitoring, and play a key role in the future of orthopedics. Explore our resource centre and find out how Patient-Reported Outcomes can enhance orthopedic research and clinical practice.

Keeping in touch with patients

Ensuring that patients are recovering as expected and get the most of their treatment after leaving the hospital can be challenging.

Prior to the first consultation to long-term follow-up, our outcome measurement platform enables the real-time reporting of PROs.

Find out more about how we can support you in evaluating how treatments impact patients’ quality of life.
Through using Patient-Reported Outcomes in our everyday clinical routine, we constantly review our own treatment quality for the benefit of our patients
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Imhoff
Head of Sport Orthopedics, University Hospital Munich Rechts der Isar (MRI)

heartbeat PRO Sets in Orthopedics

Leverage the experience of our medical science team and select from our extensive library of disease-specific and generic quality of life measurements.

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