We are united in our enthusiasm to work towards transforming healthcare for the better and enabling patients to actively participate in their own care.

We are firm believers that listening to the patient’s perspective will transform healthcare and empower everyone involved to make better decisions.

We are determined to bring the best technology and science to support all stakeholders in healthcare, in order to impact what matters most to patients: their quality of life.
Improving treatments through my daily work motivates me again and again
Caroline Peters
Medical Content Project Lead

We are Heartbeat

"Giving patients a more influential voice and making their quality of life visible is a truly relevant goal, I experience this especially in direct conversations with the medical teams of our partners.

With a background in neuroscience, I work as a project manager in the Medical Content Team to make medically validated content usable for digital use in everyday clinical practice, taking into account many quality requirements.

It is not a matter of course to find such an interdisciplinary and diverse team that treats each other with respect and always pulls together even in complex projects."

Management Team

Yannik Schreckenberger

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Yannik Schreckenberger

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. med. Valerie Kirchberger

Chief Medical Officer

Michael Erdtmann

Chief Commercial Officer

Our teams

We are a diverse group of clinicians, engineers, scientists and designers from different backgrounds working together to advance healthcare.

Product & Design

We lead on technological innovation and work collaboratively to ensure that our product simplifies complex workflows while providing the best user experience. Our designers and engineers bring different perspectives to creatively solve challenges that come with delivering a best-in-class outcome measurement platform.

Medical Affairs & Content

Drawing from many years of experience in the digital implementation of PROMs, we deliver scientific insights and contribute to the understanding of how PROMs are actively transforming healthcare. We ensure that the platform is delivered according to the customer requirements and in line with the highest quality assurance.

Regulatory Affairs

We are committed to the highest level of quality and compliance with industry standards to deliver safe and effective solutions to healthcare organizations and patients. In depth insight into the technological capacities of our outcome measurement platform heartbeat ONE allows to always stay in line and be one step ahead of relevant regulatory changes.

Customer Relations

We are a fully customer-centric organization and are dedicated to our clients and partners throughout their PRO implementation projects. From designing a solution to implementation and data collection, we help with strategic project decisions, remove administrative hurdles, and train healthcare providers to realize the value of PROMs for the benefit of all.

Business Development

We take pride in leading the effort to derive real value from PROMs and to build innovative relationships between our various partners. By proposing new ways to collaborate, we make real world evidence actionable to transform healthcare delivery.

Marketing & Communications

We make complex topics such as Patient-Reported Outcomes and Value-Based Care accessible to all relevant audiences. By creating and sharing the latest scientific and industry insights we aim to strengthen exchanges within the healthcare and digital health communities.


We guarantee that our employees work in the best conditions and are supported in their roles. We ensure that our new joiners have a great start and that our teams are backed by our legal and finance expertise.

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Join our team and help us to shape the future of healthcare.