We are united in our enthusiasm to work towards transforming healthcare for the better and enabling patients to actively participate in their own care.

We are firm believers that listening to the patient’s perspective will transform healthcare and empower everyone involved to make better decisions.

We are determined to bring the best technology and science to support all stakeholders in healthcare, in order to impact what matters most to patients: their quality of life.


Yannik Schreckenberger

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Yannik Schreckenberger

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. med. Valerie Kirchberger

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Managing Director

Dr. med. Valerie Kirchberger

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Managing Director


Dr. Aleksandra Soja

Lead Medical Content

Felix Compes

Lead Customer Relations

Christian Mellor

Director Engineering

Franziska v. Bethmann

Product Manager

Thomas Debertshäuser

Senior Product Manager Medical Content

Schirin Sulaiman

Junior Data Scientist

Niklas Schießler

Junior Customer Manager

Maria Lohse

Senior Legal Counsel

Sayed Daud

Process Manager Regulatory Affairs

Anna Susanna Bazzano

Director People & Culture

Christopher Noll

Strategic Business Development Manager

Diana Krähling

Senior Customer Manager

David Heinze

Senior Product Designer

Isabell Nüske

People & Culture Manager

Stefan Rumjanzew

Communications Designer

Jasmin Meltzer

Workplace Manager

Sebastian Tilch

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer

Ksenia Galushka

Senior Product Manager

Moritz Neubauer

Lead Communications & Marketing

Jacqueline Mayen

Junior People & Culture Manager

Osama Rehman

Backend Engineer

Liang Zhang

Engineer II

Florian Scholz

Staff Engineer

Carolin Langenbahn

Senior Manager Financial Operations

Usama Mohammad Sulaiman

Senior Frontend Engineer

Lena Castel-Wohnlich

Digital Release Manager

Melanie Schell

Digital Release Manager

André Henrique Freitas do Amaral

Engineer II

Caroline Peters

IT Solutions Manager Healthcare

Timo Weiß

Senior Engineer

Annika Dreier

Account Manager

Sina Nickel

Medical Science Manager

Hannah Haneke

Senior Medical Scientist

Tabea Schätzchen

Digital Release Manager

Dr. Jonathan Shine

Lead Medical Science

Emma Toussaint

Working Student Customer Relations

Jorin Vogel

Staff Engineer