Thanks to the improvement of treatments in cardiology, overall mortality rates have decreased whilst the demand for lifelong medication and monitoring has increased.

Cardiologists have diverse patient cohorts under their care with a variety of acute and chronic conditions requiring long-term treatments and follow-up.

PROs are increasingly supporting cardiology clinical practice and research to address current and future challenges.

PROs to support care and research

PROMs provide valid and standardized data on all health domains, physical, mental and social.

The additional information gained can not only improve patient care but also aid cardiovascular research.

For this reason, the European Society of Cardiology recommends the implementation of PRO data in research and clinical practice.1

Living well with chronic illness

Patients not only want to live with their conditions but live well with them.

For example, studies have highlighted that a good quality of life is a highly prioritized treatment goal for those with heart failure.2

Improving treatment outcomes

PROMs can influence treatment outcomes.

Studies have shown significant improvements in patient health following adjustments in medication contributing to side effects.3

Accordingly, the authors recommend PRO monitoring for the dosage of cardiovascular drugs.

Featured research

Learn more about how PROMs can enhance disease and treatment monitoring, and play a key role in the future of cardiology. In this publication, we cover the state-of-the-art findings and developments in Patient-Reported Outcomes for cardiology research and clinical practice.

Making PROs part of the clinical routine

Chronic disease care management involves complex care pathways.

Prior to the first consultation to long-term follow-up, our outcome measurement platform enables the real-time reporting of PROs.

Find out more about how we can support you in evaluating how treatments impact patients’ quality of life.

heartbeat PRO Sets in Cardiology

Leverage the experience of our medical science team and select from our extensive library of disease-specific and generic quality of life measurements.

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