Heartbeat Medical named one of the most promising digital health startups by CB Insights

Press Release 

Berlin, Germany, 15.12.2022 – For its patient-centered outcome measurement technology, real-world evidence capabilities and its innovative approach in enabling value-based contracting in healthcare, Heartbeat Medical is named among the global top 150 digital health companies by the market intelligence company CB insights.

Being recognized for market-leading growth in measuring and utilizing patient-reported outcomes, Heartbeat Medical stands for the transformation towards evidence-based and value-oriented healthcare. Its outcome measurement platform and real-world data pools enable healthcare providers, payers, medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate how treatments impact patients’ quality of life and to improve interventions accordingly. Heartbeat Medical is one of 150 digital health companies globally that were selected by CB Insights from over 13,000 contenders.  

CB Insights ranked Heartbeat Medical among the top digital health companies in the field of digital patient engagement, acknowledging the potential of digital outcome measurements along the care pathway. Based on over-average return rates of high-quality data over time, Heartbeat Medical enables value-based pay-for-performance contracting schemes. 

Acting as the enabler of a paradigm shift from volume to value-based healthcare, the company just announced the successful start of the multi-payer-multi-provider reimbursement framework PROvalue. PROvalue Endo, the first treatment-specific implementation, covers hip and knee replacements and aims to lower postoperative complication rates. Led by Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Germany’s largest statutory health insurer, several payers joined into PROvalue, accounting for 20 million policy holders.

On the record

“From reimagining clinical care, to leveraging tech like AR/VR to improve surgical training, this year’s Digital Health 150 winners are transforming the future of healthcare with digital technology,” said Brian Lee, SVP of CB Insights’ Intelligence Unit. “This increasingly global cohort, representing more than 18 countries across five continents, is not only driving better patient outcomes but making healthcare more accessible. We are excited to follow the meaningful impact and continued success of this year’s winners.”  

Yannik Schreckenberger, Heartbeat Medical’s Co-Founder and CEO said “It’s not only an honor to be recognized by CB Insights as one of the 150 most innovative digital health companies globally but a reminder of our responsibility. We are pushing for a systemic change in healthcare – to acknowledge patient’s outcome quality as the deciding factor for treatment, research, and reimbursement.”

 Dr. Valerie Kirchberger, Heartbeat Medical’s Chief Operating Officer adds “Coming from a medical background, I am thrilled to see the potential of evidence-based medicine being acknowledged by this nomination. With our strict care-first policy we ensure that individual patients benefit from aggregated insight and encourage clinicians to include patient-reported data in their everyday routine.”

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About Heartbeat Medical
Heartbeat Medical is a German-based technology provider enabling outcome-based healthcare and reimbursement. By merging Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), clinical data and demographic information along individual care pathways, Heartbeat Medical enables Value-based Healthcare initiatives (VBHC). Founded in 2014, the company supports leading research institutes, clinics and industry partners in improving treatments. Certified as a medical device, Heartbeat Medical’s platform acts as an evidence-based decision support system as well as the infrastructure for multi-stakeholder value-based reimbursement schemes. Learn more: www.heartbeat-med.com

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