July 23, 2021

Inititative Qualitätsmedizin and heartbeat medical sign framework agreement on Patient-Reported Outcomes

Press Release, 16.02.2021

Moritz Neubauer
Lead Business Operations & Communications

Berlin, Germany, 16th February 2021. heartbeat medical, a leading provider of products in the field of digital treatment monitoring and treatment progress analysis, announced today the signing of a framework agreement with the Initiative Qualitätsmedizin IQM for the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes. For the first time, the cooperation enables all of IQM’s approximately 500 members in Germany and Switzerland to perform nationwide and cross-state quality benchmarking by collecting health, treatment, and quality of life data.

Following a thorough selection process, IQM selected heartbeat medical as a partner for the Patient-Reported Outcomes project and enables its member hospitals to take advantage of the framework agreement for the implementation of the company’s proprietary heartbeat ONE platform for standardized data collection.

In addition to the digital collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes, the digital medical history, a long-term and automated integration of patient surveys, as well as data analysis for the medical staff in real-time, are included. The heartbeat ONE platform that will be used in the future has already been established in everyday clinical practice in Germany and Switzerland and has accompanied over 210,000 treatments digitally.

Securely collected and comparable routine data at the patient level open up a wide range of possibilities for identifying discharged patient complications, increasing the quality of treatment, and ensuring efficient care management. Digitally recorded Patient-Reported Outcomes are of central importance in this context: the systematic and long-term monitoring of treatment and recovery progress from the patient’s point of view provides a reliable basis for decisions on individual and condition-specific treatments.

Yannik Schreckenberger, CEO of heartbeat medical, said: “The IQM project is a big step forward, both for quality assurance in Germany and Switzerland and for our team. There is an escalating interest in the routine collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes both from clinical practice and care management perspectives. Therefore, we expect a significant shift towards patient-centered and quality-focused healthcare in the coming years. The broad, safe, and transparent involvement of patients in answering the question of what constitutes quality of care will set the standards of tomorrow.”

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