Northgate Public Services and Heartbeat Medical partner to enrich medical registries with Patient-Reported Outcomes

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Northgate Public Services and Heartbeat Medical partner to enrich medical registries with Patient-Reported Outcomes
New partnership to accelerate PRO-enriched medical registries: Heartbeat Medical and Northgate Public Services

London/Berlin, 16. June 2021. Registry operator and NEC subsidiary Northgate Public Services (NPS) and Heartbeat Medical, a leading provider of digital solutions for medical treatment monitoring and analysis, today announced a strategic cooperation to develop the next generation of medical registries.

The move will enable information on the effectiveness of treatments to be collated from patients in a standardized and validated way through Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO-registries). The feedback from patients will be integrated into existing NPS-managed registries, which already track clinician-reported health outcomes. 

Combining patient-reported outcomes alongside clinician data will ensure a complete picture of clinical, patient-reported and medical device information. NPS and heartbeat medical plan to enable clinicians, hospitals and patients for the first time to benefit directly from PRO-registry data collection on an individual patient level. 

PRO-enriched registries will add another layer of information to Real-World Data. These registries provide data with high external validity and of consistent quality for research, post market surveillance, and the evaluation of the cost effectiveness of new treatment methods or medical devices. This PRO-enriched data is an important addition to data collected through clinical trials. The partnership will start with projects in several European countries and provide patient-centered insights from routine settings to clinicians, medical societies and industry partners while maintaining the highest levels of data security. 

Yannik Schreckenberger, CEO of Heartbeat Medical, said: “Enriching medical registries with Patient-Reported Outcomes allows for the first time to systematically link routine therapy and health-related quality of life. We are convinced that more and more registries, whether tracking medical conditions or medical devices, will rely on PROMs in the future and see a strong demand for a safe and trusted solution. With Northgate Public Services we have a strong and globally renowned partner on our side to scale our Patient-Reported Outcomes offering for the benefit of as many patients as possible.”

Richard Armstrong, Head of Health Registries at Northgate Public Services, commented: “Having access to accurate information on the success of treatments from both patients and clinicians is vital for improving patient care. This is an exciting collaboration that will put better information into the hands of those who need it to improve treatments and keep patients safe.” 

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Moritz Neubauer


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