Patient Reported Outcomes in Cardiology

Many cardiovascular diseases are chronic in nature, which is why the patients’ perspective and quality of life are crucial for successful disease management. Studies show that a good quality of life for people with heart failure is a highly prioritised treatment goal.1

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) provide valid and standardised data on these factors. The additional information gained can not only improve patient care but also aid cardiovascular research. For this reason, the European Society of Cardiology recommends the implementation of PRO data in research and clinical practice.2

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Better outcomes with patient-centered monitoring

PROs provide unique information about the self-perceived health status of patients. In the context of drug therapies rich in side effects, such as β-blockers, PROMs can effectively record numerous side effects and provide insight into the patient’s quality of life.

Outcomes can be influenced through the assistance of PROMs usage. For example, studies have shown significant improvements in patient health statuses following adjustments in medication contributing to detected side effects.3 Accordingly, the authors recommend PRO recording for the dosage of cardiovascular drugs.

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heartbeat PRO Sets in Cardiology

To ensure the highest standard of data collection, we offer condition-specific outcome-sets and can support you with the implementation of scientifically validated and time-tested instruments to collect Patient Reported Outcomes:

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Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

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Outcome Measures 

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