Heartbeat Medical delivers the know-how and technology to improve and reimburse the most important outcome in healthcare: individual quality of life.

Making quality of life the driver of better healthcare

Our outcome measurement platform enables healthcare providers, payers, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate how treatments impact patients’ quality of life.
  • Enhance clinical practice in real-time
  • Improve care quality standards
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Implement value-based initiatives

Effortless outcome measurement

An automated, secure digital platform that seamlessly integrates into clinical workflows and hospital systems to get the right insights, at the right time.

Seamless implementation

Hosting options and built-in patient consent to comply with the IT and data privacy requirements of healthcare providers.

Gold-standard outcome library

An extensive library of validated outcome sets and standardized workflows for a broad range of medical specialities to ensure clinical validity.

Real-time insights at a glance

Smart outcomes dashboards to visualize key insights and trends in real-time at patient, departmental and organizational levels.

For Clinicians and Hospitals

Improve care delivery across your hospital

Enhance clinical practice in real-time. Create an overview of care quality across your organization with a single outcome measurement platform that integrates with your Electronic Health Record system.

For Medical Devices

Collect Real-World Data to demonstrate clinical value and accelerate product usage

Generate strong clinical evidence with our modular infrastructure for the continuous collection of high-quality, standardized Real-World Data.

For Pharma

Generate Real-World Evidence rapidly to fast-track drug approval and market access

Assess the clinical value and impact of your new drugs on an ongoing basis with our scalable Real-World Evidence generation engine that brings together clinical and patient perspectives.

For Registries

Enrich medical registries with PROs

Explore the long-term impact of treatments on patients' quality of life with a GDPR compliant outcome collection infrastructure that enhances the clinical workflows of your registry participants.

For Payers

Lead the change from volume to value-based healthcare

Roll out a multi-site outcome measurement platform to measure PROs throughout the care cycle and implement outcome-based contracts with your providers.

About us

Since 2014 Heartbeat Medical has been working to make Patient-Reported Outcomes the central measure of success in healthcare.

From the day to day clinical practice to market approvals, we enable decision-makers to generate unique insights on how treatments affect patients’ quality of life.