Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Payers

Major changes in population health and ever increasing costs of healthcare have accelerated the transition from fee-for-service towards value-based healthcare, redefining reimbursement models by better aligning the interests of doctors, payers and patients.

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Value-based healthcare puts the outcomes that matter to patients first. Matched with the right financial mechanisms, stakeholders can partake in improving quality of life.

Patient Reported Outcomes are at the core of Value-based reimbursement models. They enable payers and providers to improve service delivery whilst keeping costs under control.

PROMs place the patient at the center of care and can support payers in:

Value-based reimbursement models with heartbeat

Heartbeat is specialized in digitally collecting patient- and clinician-reported outcome data generated as part of the clinical daily routine. Using this data, we are able to provide continuous insights into the impact of a service or product on patients’ quality of life.

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To ensure the highest standard of data collection, we partner with several organizations, including the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurements (ICHOM). We use scientifically validated and time-tested instruments.

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