CoV-19 PROgress

Digital Platform for Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients

for Healthcare Providers and Health Authorities

The monitoring of confirmed COVID-19 patients, as well as suspected cases, is time and resource consuming, with daily telephone follow-ups for up to two weeks during the isolation period. With the digital COVID-19 remote monitoring platform developed by heartbeat in cooperation with one of Europe’s leading Hospital high-quality monitoring can be performed and reported in real-time for immediate actionability.

Reduce pressure on healthcare systems through the digitalisation and automation of monitoring symptomatic COVID-19 patients and at-risks groups in isolation 

Automatically monitor mild cases to preserve critical resources
Provide safe and efficient patient care and early intervention for patients at increased risk of rapid deterioration or complications
Reduce the risk of infection for patients and clinical staff
Improve the management of future COVID-19 clusters

Covid-19 remote monitoring

Free up clinical capacity with the CoV-19 PROgress platform

Automatic daily symptom monitoring by e-mail

Critical changes of health parameters automatically displayed to the treating physician

GDPR-compliant system incl. data encryption hosted in a certified data center in the EU

Pseudonymised data can be analysed centrally for research purposes

Leading Technology made in Germany

The patient surveys were developed in close cooperation with one of Europe’s leading University Hospital and are now used there for all COVID-19 patients.

With heartbeat ONE deployed and used in one quarter of all university hospitals in Germany, we have supported the treatment of 120,000 patients to date.

CoV-19 PROgress: A digital platform for COVID-19 Remote Monitoring 1
Security & Data Privacy

To ensure the protection of all patient data, the transmission is encrypted and hosted centrally in a data centre in Germany. All steps for consent and data processing are integrated into the platform and are displayed to the patients at the beginning of the survey.

CoV-19 PROgress: A digital platform for COVID-19 Remote Monitoring 2
Established platform

To meet the challenge of remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients and suspected cases, we rely on proven technology. Based on our established platform heartbeat ONE, a COVID-19-specific path has been implemented in cooperation with one of Europe’s leading University Hospital and is based on the latest findings on the symptom development of COVID-19.


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