August 2, 2021

Heartbeat Medical gewinnt Michael Erdtmann als Chief Commercial Officer

Press Release, 02.08.2021

Moritz Neubauer
Business Development & Communications Manager

Berlin, August 02, 2021. Heartbeat Medical, a leading provider of digital medical devices in the field of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), announced the appointment of Michael Erdtmann as Chief Commercial Officer. As part of the management team, Michael Erdtmann will be responsible for driving the growing new business as well as deepening existing partnerships and providing a bridge between the Medical Devices and Life Science segments.

From 2017 to 2021, Michael Erdtmann led Johnson & Johnson Medical’s acquisition of health tech startup Surgical Process Institute (SPI) and, as Managing Director of SPI, has been responsible for sales in Europe since 2019. Prior to that, as Director Strategy & Transformation, Michael Erdtmann realized the introduction of a new sales strategy for Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Device Business in Germany and coordinated the centralization and management of multiple staff departments. He looks back on longstanding leadership roles in sales, marketing and process optimization within the international healthcare industry.

Yannik Schreckenberger, CEO of Heartbeat Medical, states: “We are extremely pleased to have attracted Michael Erdtmann, an expert in the market rollout and successful commercialization of innovative healthcare products. His extensive industry experience further strengthens our offers to care providers. Close collaboration with clinical teams remains at the root of care-relevant innovations in Patient-Reported Outcomes, and Michael Erdtmann is the right person to identify and realize these potentials.”

Michael Erdtmann, CCO Heartbeat Medical, emphasizes, “After a long time in a leading HealthCare group, I am looking forward to the new challenge at Heartbeat Medical. Sustained measurement of quality outcomes is the holy grail of medical data and key to patient-centered improvement in patient care. We enable all healthcare stakeholders to use PROs in clinical practice and generate real-world evidence.”

Michael Erdtmann

Chief Commercial Officer

  • Michael Erdtmann wird CCO bei Heartbeat Medical
  • Schwerpunkte: Förderung des wachsenden Neugeschäfts in den Bereichen Provider, MedTech und Pharma.
  • Übernahme der Leitung desCustomer Relations Team.